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Wuxi Jiadi Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.

Factory Add: 118 Changba Road Changan Town, Huishan District,Wuxi City ,Jiangsu Province,China
Postal Code: 214000
Contact Person: Wen Manager
Mobile: +86 138 1229 3099
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Brake pedal 2

Energy Regenerator
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 This  top mount pedal assembly from JDRacing features overhung master cylinders which is ideal for footwells with limited space.
The assembly is housed in a lightweight alloy frame and includes a high strength 7/16 balance bar with Teflon coated clevises. Oil impregnated bushed are used at the pivot point to provide a smoother action and the addition of spring washers reduces unwanted lateral movement of the pedals
The brake pump can be equipped with: 0.625 0.7 0.75 0.875 0.938 1.000
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  • pedal box 2The brake pump can be equipped with: 0.625 0.7 0.7