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Wuxi Jiadi Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.

Factory Add: 118 Changba Road Changan Town, Huishan District,Wuxi City ,Jiangsu Province,China
Postal Code: 214000
Contact Person: Wen Manager
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Energy Regenerator
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 RACE BALANCE BAR ASSEMBLY ideal for use  pedal Boxes The balance bar is an adjustable lever that pivots on a spherical bearing and uses two separate master cylinders for the front and rear brakes. The  balance bar is part of a pedal assembly that also provides a mounting for the master cylinders. When the balance bar is centered, it pushes equally on both master cylinders creating equal pressure, given that the master cylinders are the same size bore. When adjusted as far as possible toward one master cylinder it will push approximately twice as hard on that cylinder as the other.
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